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We encourage you to reach out to our team manager for an opportunity to join the Viral Brand Family. We have a very aggressive marketing program, some may say its going to go Viral. To be a part of the next big happening in the extreme sports world, reach out today.

We have a few different levels of support to our riders:

  • Viral ELITE

Each level has a discount associated with it but also a set of Social responsibilities, the higher the level the more Social responsibilities.

Social responsibilities:

  • Selfie Post
  • Product Video Review
  • Riding Post
  • Riding Video
  • Share Viral Brand Post
  • Share Viral Brand fan posts
  • Creative Post with Viral Products
  • At track promotions

Being a Viral Core Brand Ambassador is an honor and over the next few years will grow to be a very prestigious and fun relationship.
For Sponsorship consideration e-mail: